Seeing your pet suffer with an uncomfortable or possibly fatal disease can be heartbreaking. Avoid the sadness, expensive treatments, and discomfort by getting your pet vaccinated today. Looking to save? We offer educator, active military and civil service discounts.

Put your pet's health first and save

We know that paying for your pet's healthcare can be expensive. At St. Peters Animal Hospital, we belive that providing your pet with the care they need should be affordable. We accept Pet Assure to help you save money.

Complete vaccinations for your pet

We'll provide your pet with any vaccine required. Whether your pet needs a rabies, leukemia, or influenza vaccine, we'll ensure your pet's comfort during the shot so they can enjoy a healthy body after.

Get the advice you need, when you need it

When your pet is behaving strangely or is showing symptoms you can't quite pinpoint, give us a call. We'll help you figure out what your pet is suffering from and proper action steps to take after. Call today and give your pet the care he or she needs.

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